All New Mission House Front Patio!

All New Mission House Front Patio!


We didn’t think that the front of the mission house was our top priority in terms of things that needed to get done, until the rains started coming in early May and we were reminded about all the mud and how it creates large lakes of mud in front of the entire entrance of the mission house – big problem! So the project started with the reality that we needed to do something about that mud! We added a drainage ditch with a grate around the entire front, then a few feet of rock inbetween that and the cement patio, then it was definitely time to stucco those ugly pillars and since we were stuccoing them, Tristan had the great idea of making the base of the pillars a beautiful stone that we found on the side of the road for very cheap! Then came the tiling of the cement patio, and the grand finally – hammocks! It’s beautiful and we’re so happy that it’s almost completed! we’re just missing some rain gutters and exterior lights that will come eventually.

(the first picture is “before”, the rest is what it looks like now! )


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