Rowlands Spring Baptist Church, GA

This was the first year that this church came to work with us – and we had such a great time with them! They came so prepared for ministry – ready to pour out! They also came with tons of school supplies and gifts for the teachers in the local schools. This team had a couple different areas of focus – one being a Church Make-over – partnering with a local church that had a new pastor and doing door-to-door evangelism, ministry in the park, a movie night, an evening church service, as well as a 3 day Bible program for the kids of the church and in the neighborhood. They also donated enough funds and labor for a sidewalk, fence, and paint-job to be done on the side of the church where the children’s ministry was previously doing their service in the mud. what a difference this has made for the church! Besides all that work done with the church, they also visited many different schools throughout the mountain doing a kids program about Daniel and Lions Den which was a big hit and planted a lot of seeds about the power of a personal relationship with Jesus and also about the power of prayer.

One impacting moment of the week was a few of the nurses on the team noticing a severely sick boy at one of the school programs and talking to his mother – and then strongly encouraging them to go to the Dr’s immediately! We gave them a ride down the mountain to the bus and also some funds to pay for food (hospitals don’t provide food) and he stayed in the hospital almost a week for treatment. he did recover but the Dr’s were unsure about what he had and were unable to diagnose him. Thank God for these nurses wise eyes to notice such a severe problem!


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