Grace Fellowship

Grace Fellowship

 We had our first team of the year arrive and they were filled with the excitement to build a house in a week. Yup, a week. Through the help of the community leaders, this family was chosen. – They didn’t have a house to call their own. They were living in a little shack where they worked and as soon as Faustino was not able to work any longer, they would have been asked to leave the shack.
So, the week started and the sun was so hot –lots of Gatorade, water and snacks but the walls were up and the loft started by the end of the first day.
By day 2, the roof was up, day 3 and 4 was painting, sheet rock, mudding and installing a latrine for the family. Everyone was so eager to help. When the house was to full of people building, the team was busy playing and visiting with the neighbors. The kids of the neighborhood would come and watch what was happening.
The day was also spent loving on kids and their parents. Along with the house being built, several mornings were spent in the community installing water filters and praying with families.
Day 5 was filled with finish work and the house dedication. 2 bedrooms, a loft and a living space. And a latrine out back.
  Faustino, his wife and family after receiving the keys to his new home. As we were praying and dedicating the house, we were praying that people would see Jesus love through this house. “that people would look at this house and say, wow, God loves Faustino so much that he gave him a house.”
Yup, pretty much an amazing week. Being God’s hands and showing His love is what life is all about.

Grace Fellowship team with the family. What a blessing to share Jesus love in a tangible way.


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