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Clinica El Ayudante:

The clinic is the shining star of El Ayudante. The critical need for quality and affordable medical care for the poor is a challenge we have embraced for the 15,000+ people surrounding our El Ayudante campus.

The construction of the clinic began in 2007 and now with the generous help of partnering churches, our seventeen-room clinic is providing quality healthcare on a daily basis. But we’re just getting started as we continue to work on fully equipping each room and building up our staff.

Clinica El Ayudante Highlight

On July 15th, 2014 the clinic opened for general medicine (as well as dental). The surrounding communities now have accessible healthcare for the first time ever. Each day, at least 30 patients are seen for either medical or dental services. Not only do we serve their physical needs, but their spiritual needs are attended to as well through prayer, and sharing the gospel.

Through this clinic, families will be changed for generations to come. Thousands are now receiving healing and wholeness each year through prevention, education, treatment, and post treatment.

Here are just a few stories of those who benefit from medical care provided by El Ayudante:

Maria and Juan live in a one room house with 6 of their10 children. Because they can’t afford to care for them, the other 4 children live next door with an uncle. Costs aside, to see a doctor they must leave the house before the sun comes up to journey into the city where they will wait in line hoping to see a doctor before the day is out. Because of El Ayudante’s location and volunteer teams, Maria, Juan and their children will receive quality care much nearer to their home.

Recently a volunteer nurse spent an entire day performing ultra-sounds for expectant Moms from the area. All was normal and well until the nurse recognized a condition that would have likely caused one of the mothers to die during child birth. Thank you Lord for this volunteer.

The Facts:

Our Goal: To show the love of the Great Physician by providing quality medical care through education, prevention, treatment, and follow-up.

Location: Aldea lo de Reina, 10 miles outside the city of Comayagua. This agricultural valley is at the base of a mountain range full of rural villages with no previous access to medical care, allowing us to serve both the valley and mountains.

Our staff: A collaboration of Honduran medical personnel & US medical professional volunteers.

Services: Dental, general medicine, prenatal support, ophthalmology, and minor outpatient surgery.

Our Facilities: Our brand new clinic houses 3 dental rooms, 4 general exam rooms, triage, pharmacy, lab, and a learning center.

Serve With Us: The need is great! Will you help? We are seeking medical professionals to come serve in their area of expertise. Cost: $550 per week per team member includes lodging, food, local transportation, and translators. Medical teams are responsible for their own flights to Honduras as well as medical supplies & medicine used during the week. Come join us and experience the joy of putting Jesus’ words into actions; “ ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ ”

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