Testimony’s from the clinic

Crying as a baby before of my eyes, was sitting this young, precious lady the first week we opened the clinic. After unsuccessfully spending years and a great amount of time and money in the public health system, like the women with a blood flow in Bible times, Mrs. Reina was devastated about her health. She came to the clinic, a bit scared and hesitant, but also full of hope that Clinica El Ayudante would be the place for her to finally receive help! Her faith was great, yet the mountain of unstable blood pressure was daunting.

Reina & Dr Angelica

Reina & Dr Angelica

Previous to this visit, she was on three different types of drugs to help lower her blood pressure, however the outcome for the last 6 years has been terribly disappointing. Mrs. Reina was filled with anxiety as we created a new plan of action. She complained of headaches, blurry vision, and tinnitus. All that came with her BP of 200/100. We modified some of the medicine scheme; we made sure she understood the best way and times for her to take each one of her pills. We encouraged her to exercise and to eat healthier and we asked questions on the regular diet she was having at the moment. It was interesting to find out that she was taking her medicines at the right time, but she was not aware of how important it was for her to avoid excessive consumption of salt in her meals. Explaining the Sodium effect on the blood pressure was a challenge that was worth every minute that first day we met. She was in observation for a few hours that day, and was sent home. Reina started attending the monthly “The Hypertensive Club” at El Ayudante and learning more about the challenges & solutions for high blood pressure. With her increase of knowledge & skills learned at the club, and the support of other friends and family, she began to make her dietary changes necessary.
Several appointments later, her follow up consultation was full of laughter and praising the Lord for all He’s done in Reina’s health! Mrs. Reina has her blood pressure under control and is feeling great. When we work together as a team – Dr, patient, family support, and health education – we can see great results!
Prayer: Dear Father, thank you for taking care of each one of our Hypertensive patients by sending the support we need in the clinic.


There are many people that have benefited from the opening of the clinic, but there are some special ones that will always in my mind and remind me that what we do is important. Maria, 59 years old, came to the clinic in great pain, because 2 days ago, while she was cooking for her husband, she suffered from a seizure and her hands stayed in boiling oil for a few minutes. This is the second time that Maria has had this kind of accident. I selected this particular case to share with you, because of how brave and patient she was in the healing process. I am proud of her! I remember her hands shaking with pain and yet, she was willing to do the treatment. She followed my instructions. She reminds me why I decided to become a physician. We were able to help her physically and also spiritually. We were able to serve God by serving our sister. Since, I have had 2 follow ups house visits, and she is doing much better. I am really happy seeing her hands recovered!



Before Treatment


After treatment



– Guest Blogger:     Dr Angelica Lupiac, medical director of Clinica El Ayudante


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