Mission Team Leaders

Mission Teams from El Ayudante Honduras on Vimeo.

To Our Team Leaders,

El Ayudante started as a dream to share Jesus and help others (hence the name “The Helper”) and in the last 10 years has grown into a trusted ministry that speaks through our actions, even more than our words. Through intentional relationships and service to our community, we show the love of Jesus in all that we do. This is a God-sized vision and God is blessing our efforts and is continuing to deepen and strengthen our programs.

Our mission is to grow committed followers of Christ by meeting the needs of our community and short-term teams are helping us achieve that mission.

At El Ayudante, each short-term team fulfills an integral part in the bigger picture of our long-term ministry. Teams are our work force, the energy and encouragement that helps us change lives by equipping our local Honduran community. Serving at El Ayudante is not about satisfying ourselves, just completing a task, or ‘fixing the poor.’ We ask our teams to come with a humble attitude of service, ready to learn and grow.

Teams focus on working in our rural communities – truly the poor. Through the direction of our local leadership committees, we are improving basic sanitation through pouring cement floors, installing latrines, home repair, school makeovers, installing water filters, doing quality Bible programs in the public schools, mentoring our neighbors and raising up a ‘pay it forward’ mentality in our area. We are seeing communities transformed!

On campus we are continuing to lay the foundation for many more years of ministry to come: building staff housing, workshop, offices, and classrooms – all to support the continual ministry God has called us to.  Clinica El Ayudante opened in July, 2014 and we now have a complete, full time medical staff that sees around 200 patients a week. Medical volunteers are welcome to lend a hand in the clinic and any team member is a blessing by helping in Spiritual Care at the clinic.

Thanks to the foundational blocks that have been laid in forming strong relationships with our local community leaders and other missions minded Hondurans & Americans, we are seeing God changing lives and transforming communities. Would you consider joining what God is doing in our local Honduran community? Please pray about partnering with us by bringing a team.

God Bless,

Tristan & Elizabeth Mohagen
-Directors of El Ayudante Honduras


Visit our pages for teams: A Typical Week, and Team Accommodations. For our detailed FAQ, Leader’s Packet, Cultural Videos and much more, visit the “EA Resource Links” in the right sidebar now.


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