Team Accommodations


Welcome to the El Ayudante Campus

Our spacious campus is home to our Mission House, Clinica El Ayudante, Staff House, Guest House, soccer field, and plenty of open space surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains.

Mission House

In our mission house you’ll find 2 large dorm rooms with 30 comfortable beds in each room. The rooms are spacious and have lots of fans to keep you cool while you sleep. Each dorm room has it’s own bathroom with 2 toilets, 2 sinks, and 2 showers. We even have hot showers! Our kitchen is fully equipped and is the source of all our delicious food. In the central room there is plenty of space for eating, relaxing, and playing games. On both the front and back porches, you’ll find beautiful views and comfortable hammocks and rocking chairs. You won’t want to go home!