Our Mission


Our Mission:

To grow committed followers of Christ by meeting the needs of our community. 

Our Vision:

Changing lives, transforming communities.

Our Values:

– Service through relationships
– Local leadership & ownership
– Excellence in all things

How we do ministry:

We are committed to glorify God through intentional relationships and service to our community. We involve the local community in creating their own solutions to the challenges they face everyday physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We aim to empower and not enable by collaborating with families, churches, and local leaders to work as a team to solve the presented needs. We are here for the long term – although we use the energy of short-term missions teams to meet needs, each activity fits into the larger picture of serving our communities where they need it the most. Because of this consistent involvement, a short-term project is part of a lasting, long-term change.

Will you join what God is doing in Honduras?