Medical Teams


The shining star of El Ayudante is our clinic! The surrounding area is an extremely poor, agricultural community that lacked in accessible and affordable medical care.  Since July 2014 we have been serving our local population of 15,000+ people in our 25-mile zone. We have the only licensed doctor from the tip of the mountains, all the way into Comayagua. Learn more about the clinic here.

The Clinic’s Mission:

To show the love of Jesus Christ who heals and saves by providing quality medical care through education, prevention, treatment, and follow-up care.


El Ayudante is offering licensed medical professionals the opportunity to come and volunteer your time and talents to serve in our clinic. What does a medical “team” look like?   There are three options.

  • A small group of medical professionals
  • A medical professional who is part of a larger team doing community service and projects with El Ayudante.
  • A medical professional who comes on his/her own to serve in the clinic. **

Whether forming a “team” to come alongside our clinic staff or coming as an individual to serve—know we are flexible with schedules and options.

Clinica El Ayudante is open 5 days a week from 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. In coming as a volunteer you will be working alongside our Honduran staff as you serve.

**Contact Jon Hovestol, Clinic Administrator at:


Cost for 8 Days: (Team or small group)

Each person is responsible to pay the following:

  • Airline ticket
  • $550 – this includes lodging, meals and transportation while in country as well as our assistance in planning every aspect of your team.

**If you are interested in staying for more than a week please contact us at:


All medical personnel, including doctors, PA’s, nurses, NP’s, pharmacists, PT’s, chiropractors, dentists and optometrists, must submit a copy of their medical licenses to practice and diplomas along with a copy of their passport to the corresponding colleges here in Honduras. All Medical Licenses and Passports must be emailed to  at least 6 weeks prior to your arrival.

Only licensed medical personnel are able to practice in Honduras! It is also Honduran law that any medical professional that comes to work in Honduras will practice under a licensed Honduran physician. You will be collaborating with our Honduran Medical Staff who will be a great source of help to you as you may see illnesses and health issues not common in the States and yet frequently treated here.

The Clinic:

Our 5,000 square foot clinic operates 5 days each week from 7:00am – 1:00pm. We have 4 general exam rooms, 3 dental rooms, 1 optical room, 2 treatment rooms, a pharmacy, an area for spiritual care and a waiting area.

Obtaining medicines to bring to Honduras

We ask that all teams or individuals help to provide medicines and other supplies for the clinic. (We are continually updating equipment, our medicine formulary and needed supplies). Our goal is to supply you with the information necessary to bring the items that are really needed.  Please note that Honduran law forbids us to bring expired medicines into the country, or to dispense them.  Please do not bring them or you will have trouble at customs!

For an updated list of medicine and supplies email Jon Hovestol at: