Hosanna Missions July2012

Hosanna Missions July2012

“You found us through Google!?!?”   Yep that’s how surprised I was when I received the first contact from Justin with Hosanna Missions – they were looking and praying for a ministry to work with in Honduras and came across us on Google, and then began the contact and questions and team planning.

What a great week we had with this team of 10! We worked them hard! Most mornings we were installing water filters throughout Lo De Reina and a new community of Cascabeles – in total 34 filters were installed throughout the week! 34 families that now have clean drinking water for the next 10+ years. They also were able to pray with the families and talk to them about Jesus, as well as they gave out devotional books of ‘read through the Bible in a year’. The neat thing was that one of the last houses that I did during the week I hadn’t mentioned the devotional yet and the woman of the house asked me if I had any more of those books left that she’d been hearing about! :) They are so hungry for resources and for learning! A few of the houses we had to go to were pretty far down a really little road and isn’t usually driven on – mostly walked (but with 100lb bags of sand we wanted to drive!) So a group of ours drove down the road and installed the 3 they could reach, and then continued to walk – with all the supplies in a wheelbarrow being pushed by a 70 year old man – another 15 minutes to the next house that needed a filter!

In addition to the water filters they did leadership seminars at 5 churches – we invited the core leadership group of each church and this team spent time encouraging them, praying over them, and speaking to them about Spiritual gifts and how great it is that they are in ministry. The churches reported that they felt refreshed and very encouraged after the seminars.

This team also spent one day painting the outsides of three buildings around El Ayudante – the mission house, staff house, and guest house – including doing some varnishing as well! They got so much done in one day! Then that evening some local soccer players came over and schooled the team in soccer :) but everyone had a good time!

Some of the team members also got up early one morning and milked some cows and then later on rode a horse around EA.

It was a very wonderful and encouraging week with this team and we’re so happy they found us by Google :) God works in great ways for sure!


** for more pictures check out the “Pictures & Video’s” section of the website


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