Grace Fellowship Team

This San Francisco area team is a group of people that have known about and been cheering on El Ayudante for a few years now – but it’s the first time they were able to come down to be a part of it. A year ago their church raised the funds to purchase 66 water filters and also a bunch of de-parasite medicine so that when we give out the filters they can also start fresh with a clean system. So after they purchased the filters, we put the idea out their for them to come and actually do some installing – and they did!

Sunday we went to church and then did a couple filters as a big group in order for them to learn how to install and be prepared to hit the ground running on Monday – and that’s exactly what they did! Each day the number of filters installed was greater than the day before – and at the end of the week we had installed 75 filters! let me tell ya – that’s a HUGE amount! The last day we went back to some of the filters that we installed in order to check the flow rates and make sure that the filters were calibrated correctly – and some of them needed to be adjusted…. so in the next couple weeks we’ll be going back to the filters to check and adjust as needed to make sure that the filters are running at a quality rate.  This team did such a great job and jumping in there and working hard all day long to install as many as they could. It was a great week!

The teams connected with the community in neat ways – sharing stories and working together to wash the sand for installing. One team was very touched by the story a Mom shared with them about her 21 year old daughter that passed away a few years back and how she is now raising her grandson – unfortunately a common story around here, but sad and touching all the same.

One thing the team was most touched by was the contentedness of the families – even though they have very little worldly possessions, they are happy and feel blessed to live and work the land and to have what they have. It was a neat lesson for the team to learn.



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