First Baptist Barstow


What started out as an exploratory, vision-casting week with a few people from Barstow, turned into a small team working a full weeks worth of work into a 5 day week! It was a super busy week that flew by! Because the team was only here for a few days we had tried to pack as much into the week as we could – so we installed water filters, visited a school and did a big painting project with 90+ kids along with a program of a skit and songs etc, movie night at a church, and showed them around the area.

The movie night was very neat this time – we did it at a mountain church in the village where we went to the school to do the program at– this is an area that I would safely bet 90% of them have never been to the movie theater or seen a movie on a big screen. So the church was packed with people – kids on the floor up front, people brought their own chair from their homes and men watched from the open windows as we showed the movie Fireproof and talked about having a strong marriage. It was a great evening and I think we were all touched by it – both the community members and also the team members.

What a great successful week! We’re hoping that this is the start of a long partnership with this missions-loving church!


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