Water Filters


Bio-Sand Water Filters

The water filter project for our area is a joint effort to eradicate water born illnesses in the valley and mountainside surrounding El Ayudante. We’ve already installed hundreds of water filters, providing clean water for entire families for more than ten years.

filter_cutoutHow it works:
Our water filters are designed and approved in Michigan, and are assembled here in Honduras. (We offer a special thank you to our Michigan team for their continuing investment in advancing this project.) This bio-sand filter design is a plastic container with layers of sand and gravel that allow a live level of bacteria to grow which eats the bad bacteria as the water filters through it, providing clean, drinking water. The filter life is more than 10 years, providing drinking water for an entire household. It takes about 30 minutes to filter 5 gallons of water and can filter over 25 gallons a day.

To install a filter, the sand and gravel are rinsed and then layered inside the filter. Then, the filter is tested to ensure the rate at which the water filters is correct. Once the flow rate is accurate, we explain to the family how to use it. The entire process takes about an hour, and provides a great opportunity to fellowship with the family. Installation is simple enough for anyone to help!

Eternal Value:
In addition to providing clean drinking water, a water filter brings a sense of empowerment and pride to parents as they are now able to provide safe water for their family – something that was previously out of their reach. Providing clean water is also a relationship bridge and opens a door for talking about the life changing, Living Water of Jesus Christ.

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Water Filter Distribution:

El Ayudante is now an official distributor of  Hyraid bio-sand water filters. Is your ministry interested in installing water filters in your area? El Ayudante can sell you the filters as well as train you to install and maintain them. Click HERE for FAQs and contact information.

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