Fence Team – TN

For many years we’ve all known that we must put a perimeter fence around El Ayudante – the thing is the task is very daunting. It’s almost a mile of wall, and even with making our own blocks which cuts down on the price, the fence is still over $60k! On one hand it’s hard to spend that much on a wall when we could be putting so many ‘bandaids’ on peoples lives with that much money – however we are looking at the long term vision of El Ayudante  – and in order for the medical clinic to be safe and up to standards, we must have a perimeter wall around the property. SO, thanks to a huge donor, we have the funds to do the front third of the wall – including the entrance gates and some nice iron work on the road side so it’s not as closed off as a solid wall would make it feel.

We had the privilege this month of having a team of the founders  – the ones that laid the block on the mission house – come back to work on that fence! Javier is a welder and he took on the task of getting all the iron work sections completed  – a huge task which involved cutting, welding, painting, and then installing the sections! The team completed over half of the sections during that week. There was also a small outfit of the team that framed in the clinic windows and did some electrical on the mission house porches as well as some other odds n’ ends. They also threw together a great hamburger feed for the community which was a huge hit and much appreciated! The team shared a devotional and enjoyed an evening of fellowship.

Besides all the great stuff that happened ministry wise, a great memory of this week was when the team got the van stuck in the mud and had to push themselves out on their way to dinner in town :).  Ms Peggy said that was the first time she’d ever gone muddin’ before 🙂



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