Educational Program 

El Ayudante can bring sustainable change to our community through education as it partners with students to further their education. Students find purpose and hope as they study and look forward to their future.

Did you know?

  • 26% of Honduran children do not complete the 5th grade
  • 57% of male children don’t continue past the 6th grade
  • 48% of female students don’t continue past the 6th grade
  • 68% of elementary students must repeat at least one grade before the 6th grade
  • Amongst our community, 1% of children own their own book.

The deeper story:

Although public education is considered ‘free’ in Honduras, that is not truly the case. All high school students must purchase a school uniform to be worn daily, school shoes, specific school supplies, as well as the textbooks for each quarter. The parents also must contribute to the daily snack that the children receive. All of this adds up to an overwhelming cost to a family that lives on barely $5/day to care for their entire family.

Meet Eimy, one of our scholarship students……

Video Eimy from El Ayudante Honduras on Vimeo.


How you can help:

  1. Support the Learning Center:

    Our new EA Learning Center will include a tutoring center open to any students in our community. As our name El Ayudante, ‘the helper’ implies, we desire to help by providing the modern tools that these students are otherwise missing – access to computers, the internet, books and most importantly – tutoring help. With this kind of support available, students in our community will do better in school, have less repeated years, and will be influenced by our staff who are fully committed followers of Christ. The center will fill in the gaps missing in the public school system, allowing our students to embrace learning and be prepared for their future. We estimate that more than 150 students will use the center on a regular basis to complete their homework.

    *Cost to staff a full time teacher + supplies + utilities = $250/week


  2. Pray for our students and new Learning Center staff:

    El Ayudante, to date, has never had a program that targeted youth. We’ve had programs that have targeted younger children, parents and families, but never specifically youth. Through the new education program, we are granted access into knowing them and spending time with them. Our goal is to get to know the students on a personal level, mentor them, speak into their lives and help them to grow their own personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

    We have seen tremendous impact in the physical and spiritual lives of those touched by El Ayudante. Through this new program, we will be able to impact the souls of our young people, bringing lasting impact to our community. Please support this effort to educate our local children!


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