Doctora Blanca

Dra. Blanca has been serving here at Clinica El Ayudante since last March. She completed college in Tegucigalpa last February and then started her social service here. She moved in with a local family and sees many patients each week.



She has been such a blessing. She has a mission’s heart and wants people to hear the love of Jesus.  Her personal goal for this year is to  pray with at least one patient daily and to just be able to share how much Jesus loves them. And that they are important to Father God.

Blanca graduates this April and will start working full time at Clinica El Ayudante!!! We are so excited to have her on our staff and to be able to give dental care to our area. Most families had not had dental care before Blanca came to serve here.

Also, starting next wblancaeek the clinic gets their second dentist!!! Her name is Alijandra, and a schoolmate of Blanca. She will be starting her social service here in the next few weeks. God is so good. We are able to provide great dental care to the communities surrounding El Ayudante with 2 wonderful, passionate dentists.



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