Dental Clinic has opened!

Last summer we received a container full of dental equipment from a retiring dentist in the States. We put it in the clinic to wait for the next step. At the end of last year, Blanca, who we’ve known for years and has translated for teams with us, finished dental school and approached us to ask if she could do her year of social service at El Ayudante. (Did I mention she’s bi-lingual, was Sigel’s youth pastor, loves kids, and is a Christian and wants to do dental missions! aka: PERFECT FOR THE JOB!)  So she came out and we went through the boxes to see if we even had a complete clinic of stuff for her to use. Well she said we did and was excited about it! oh – and then God dropped the $9K in our lap to get started with! So since then we’ve been finishing up the dental rooms, we brought out a technician for the day to install the chairs – and then learning from him and finished installing and fixing the chairs and equipment. We’ve been buying dental supplies, finding out what’s needed and then looking for the answer – which God keeps providing. A local dentist has agreed to be our volunteer Director of our dental program. We’ve been writing up dental clinic policy, fixing the suction machine, installing the compressor, doing community meetings, fulfilling the requirements for the Department of Health to approve us to open, the list goes on and on – all of things that are so beyond our abilities – and it has placed us, once again at the feet of Jesus – in awe of what He can do through us. 

I’ve been reading about how God commanded Joshua to lead the people and take them into the promised land. Joshua was afraid and said it was beyond him – and God said, “I got it Joshua, just listen to me and I”ll do the leading”.  “Be strong and Courageous, don’t be afraid because I’ve given you this land.”  A friend of ours painted us a painting with the message of “It’s all about me.”    I can’t help but see God speaking to me – that this clinic (the land He has promised us) is good – and that our job is to listen to Him, take one day at a time, and remember that it’s all about Him… and that is when He will be glorified.


Monday Dr Blanca Rodriguez saw her first patient.  We’ve had some glitches this week – the machines aren’t working perfectly and we have been in there fixing things. We still have lots of requirements to complete before we aren’t on probation with the ministry of health, and we are realizing some of the equipment just flat out needs to be replaced sometime soon. But God is good. We have completed our first week of seeing patients in the clinic.


Please be praying for the dental program – pray that God would be glorified – that people would understand His great love because of the clinic – for stamina and wisdom for the DR – and for the machines to keep working!

If you’d like to donate to the dental program, that would be great! We are charging a very minimal symbolic fee to the patients so that they can take pride and ownership in taking care of themselves. Send donations to the El Ayudante address, checks made out to “El Ayudante” with “dental program” in the memo line.

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  1. cheri says:

    I was priviledged to be a part of helping at the dental clinic during our missions trip, August 2 thru 9th, 2013.

    Bayhills Community Church of El Sobrante, a team of 12 members, from as young as 3 month old baby, had the opportunity to serve with El Ayudante’s mission. I can’t wait to go back and help organize the medical office! It was a great pleasure to meet Dr. Blanca. She’s an awesome dentist with such love and passion for serving with El Ayudante!

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