Community Outreach


We love our community and are committed to serving them through genuine relationships and local leadership and ownership. With all our Community Outreach ministry, we choose projects and programs through the guidance of our local leadership committees that will most effectively benefit and transform their community. And with every project, we know God will open doors to meet spiritual needs as well.

Stages of transformation

When we begin working in a community, we start with the basic need of sanitation. Our goal is to relieve some of the stress of physical poverty, so people can then focus on spiritual and family health.

Stage 1: Basic Sanitation: Latrine_outreach

Water Filters: The water filter project for our area is a joint effort to eradicate water born illness in our area. We’ve already installed over 700 filters, providing clean water for entire families for over ten years.

Home Construction:  We collaborate with the families to have a safe, healthy home. These projects range from cement floors, roofs, kitchen additions, and sometimes even a complete home for a family.

Latrines: Almost 50% of homes in our communities do not have a sanitary bathroom, a roadblock to a healthy life. Thanks to the hard work of our teams, we have installed over 70 latrines in 2 communities. Our goal is that every family in our communities have a bathroom.

Stage 2: Family

Wedding_outreachOnce their basic sanitation needs are met, families are able to focus on the deeper matters of the heart. Through marriage classes, school education support, and parenting support, we are investing in families to help them grow closer and stronger.

Marriage: Through the marriage courses offered, couples are being challenged and given tools to have a Christ-centered focus. Additionally, we offer the option of assisting couples that are not married (due to financial restraints) to have a legal wedding.

Education: Through educational opportunities and partial school scholarships, doors are opened to invest in families and speak into their lives about Jesus. We also offer English classes, and are beginning to invest in Christian growth as we collaborate with the local pastors.

Stage 3: Looking Ahead:

We are committed to seeing our communities succeed – not for the purpose of physical comfort, but for the eternal purpose of having Hondurans that are sold-out Disciples of Christ. As we accomplish these goals together, we will grow together in our love for Christ and for each other.

Join us:

Help us invest into our communities. Each aspect of transformation is equally important in order to see our communities healthy, flourishing, and living for Jesus. Your donation for COMMUNITY OUTREACH will allow us to move beyond only providing basic sanitation and clean water to impacting ALL aspects of life in our communities.

Give hope. Thank you for investing in our community!

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