Chesapeake Family Team

This past week, from June 24- June 30 we had an amazing team that came in from Chesapeake Church in Maryland. What made this team so unique is that it was a family team. Parents and their children came out to serve as a family together! During the week the families got to partake in installing water filters, hosting a VBS at the local elementary school in Lo De Rena, and then painting the same school that they did a VBS for.


The youth that attended on the family team, ranging between grades 6-12, did such an amazing job and worked so hard in everything that they did! Even when there was no work to be done the youth on the team would go outside and play soccer with the local children that were around the same age as them. It was so cool seeing them interact with one another and not letting a language barrier keep them from building new friendships. Not only was it great seeing the youth grow relationships with others in the community, but to also to see the families working together and growing closer with each other and in their relationship with God. Every morning, before the team would begin their day, they would start by reading the bible together and reflecting back on how they could use what they read as they went out to serve for that day. It was a very moving experience.


The families that attended this trip witnessed poverty close up and personal. They got to see how people live and were taken back by how strong their faith was. This team was a light to the families and children they served and have been given a new perspective on how blessed they really are. These families have taken home with them a new mission. To live their lives for God’s glory and to continue finding ways to serve others who need to see Christ love for themselves.


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