Barstow Baptist Church (CA)

We had a stellar team from Barstow, First Baptist Church (CA) come the first week of July and boy do they know how to pour out love! They did 4 sessions of VBS with a mountain school that they worked at last time they were here – so the relationships that were started last October just continued to grow as kids and team members recognized each other, and enjoyed being with each other for more time. Thanks to name tags, names were learned and relationships formed. In addition to a VBS (full of soccer, outdoor games, songs, snacks, Bible stories with drama, and crafts) they also did a Bible study with the mom’s of the community. The theme of prayer was discussed every day. The mom’s also made some neat crafts to take home – which is something they love to do but don’t have the resources to do things like that – they made a prayer journal and decoupaged a glass coke bottle to use for a flower vase. To finish off the VBS, the team did a giant party at the local church in the evening – we cooked over 300 hotdogs, brought tons of popcorn and juice and gifts for kids and parents alike. We encouraged the pastor, and brought suitcases of clothes for him to give out. We also did a slideshow of the kids days at the VBS – they loved seeing themselves in pictures as that is a very rare thing for them to get to see – they don’t have pictures of themselves!


In addition to the VBS, the team did 3 latrines at homes that didn’t previously have a toilet to use (meaning those families either used the neighbors or used the field out back). This is a big drive EA is working towards – providing bathrooms because it will create a drastic improvement on their overall health! #communitiestransformed!


We also snuck in some water filter install days – doing 12 filters throughout the villages that we’re installing filters at.


Also, because of the format of EA – short term teams working together to make a lasting impact in our communities, Barstow poured the cement floor that the house will be built on next week… we are all working together to change lives – and all the glory goes to Jesus!


check out their pictures on flickr:


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