Azusa Team

8 months ago we met with some extended family for lunch and mentioned about how great it would be for them to come and work with us for a week. 8 months later, here they were – 5 people in total – here to give it their all for the time they were here. We worked them like they were 15 people!


Their main focus was loving the community with actions – one day they installed rain gutters at a school that has no running water anywhere close to them – this way at least when it’s the rainy season they will have water to use for toilets etc. (In march we finished their septic tank so they could have working toilets). They also brought coloring books and played with the children, which was a big hit. Next they built some tables for a school that recently received some computers for – building the tables and sanding and varnishing them and taking them up to the school… now this 3 room school has a computer station – including surge protectors that they brought for them! They also installed our first ever latrine, poured the foundation for the house that another team is going to be building for a family in need of a home, and in all their free time they checked water filters and fixed some that were slow. One of the filters they checked was a 1 hour hike in to the house.


The last day we took them to a water fall – it a jewel in the middle of the woods and we swam around at the top of the falls – jumping from the cliffs into the deep pool of freezing cold water. It was a great end to a fun week…and it all started with a comment over lunch. Now that’s taking something and running with it – making it happen!


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