A soft but very real opening of Clinica El Ayudante

We called it a ‘soft opening’. 1, because this was our first team that was coming for the purpose to bring medical care in the clinic and 2, We are opening the clinic full time in August. What a week we had!!! We had a team of 4, Dr. Idis ( our Honduran doctor ) and several nurses from other team who jumped on board.  Suitcases and boxes came  full of medicine, bandaids and other supplies.


The first afternoon was filled with sorting, counting and organizing the pharmacy. It was a definite organized mess and by 8PM our clinic was ready for Monday morning.


nurses in pre-clinic doing vitals

Monday, what an amazing thing. This building that has been in the construction phase for YEARS is finally open and ready to see patients. To give medicine and preventative teaching. This clinic will increase the health of the surrounding communities in ways we haven’t even grasped yet. And that Monday it happened. People walked down the mountain and were able to see a doctor, receive medicine and teaching. And most importantly, they were able to be offered prayer.


Dr. Idis caring for patients

In one week, we saw over 250 patients, had 35 women’s health exams, gave parasite and multivitamins so every patient. We were also able to give prescription medication. All of this, for about $2.00 US. What a blessing to be able to bless in such a tangible and needed way.


Dr. Carol taking care of a baby who had a cough

Yes, opening a new clinic definitely had it’s rocky moments. We had put everything ‘away’ and now we had to find it all.  “Where is such and such?” we said often those first few days. We also made a new list of needs for the clinic because now we know what we need to serve our community. However, by Wednesday, it was feeling smooth.








The best job in the world

I can’t wait until this can happen every day for our communities. Thank you so much Mr. Bill, Dr. Carol and your team for coming and willing to be the first team of many.


Our group for the week