A new addition to our staff……

Hello! My name is Brittany Rambatt. I was born and raised in the small community of Sharon, Wisconsin. Sharon is located in the southeast part of the state on the WI/IL border, about an hour south of Madison. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin River Falls with a degree in Agricultural Education and worked for the Milton School District before arriving to Honduras. I grew up on a small hobby farm with my 3 siblings and parents. My sister Kendra, is 10 months older than me. She and her husband, Randy, live just down the road from my parents with their son, Jaxson, who is 2. My younger siblings are John(11), and Jacki(8). I love watching my nephew and 2 younger siblings grow and learn. My passions are working with students, community/sustainable development and agriculture.

In 2012, as a senior in high school, I went on my first week long mission trip to Honduras. I never dreamed after that first trip that I would return once a year over the next few years or even end up moving here! I really wasn’t sure why I was returning to Honduras every year but I enjoyed these trips and God kept providing the means to go. So, off I went, year after year, during the rest of my high school and collegiate career. Meanwhile, also during this time, I had a plan in my mind for my life for the next 10 years. I had every step and detail planned out. My only problem was that I didn’t consult God as I was making all of these plans! Things weren’t turning out how I planned, and I kept finding myself lost, confused and devastated as everything I had been planning and preparing for continually wasn’t working out. In September of 2015, the motion got put in place for me to intern with El Ayudante the following summer. So, after spending 3 months with El Ayudante  in 2016, it was pretty evident to me that God was calling me to missions here. Totally not at all what I had planned! But as I looked back over the past few years, I could see so clearly all of the things God had been doing to put this in place; through my interests, experiences, other people, and even my denied plans, God had really been at work getting me here and I am filled with so much joy to be serving here! In mid-June, I left the states for 4 weeks of language school in Antigua, Guatemala. I just recently completed that one month of intensive language training(I was already a Spanish speaker) and am now very excited to dive into my role here at El Ayudante. I will be spending about half of my time in the Learning Center and the other half working in community outreach. I’m so looking forward to building relationships with the Hondurans, teams and volunteers that come down. I’m even more excited to be able to share and testify of the love, grace and faithfulness of our amazing God.

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